P.M.Art is committed to creating and promoting positivity through art, inspired by Napoleon Hill's “Positive Mental Attitude”.

We always use vegan products, which are also organic/fair-trade wherever possible, and of course, everything is made with a ton of PMA!

To top it off, 10% of the profits from each item sold will be donated to an amazing charity.

Hayley Holroyd, founder of P.M.Art


Hi! I'm Hayley Holroyd and I am the creator of P.M.Art. I live in Vancouver, Canada in a beautiful community called Kitsilano, where you find more yoga studios than you do Starbucks!

In early 2011 I was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It was a very difficult year for me with lots of chemotherapy, needles, surgeries and trips to the hospital. And to make matters worse, I had to go through losing my hair. After losing my hair, I saw myself and the world differently. Letting go of something that had seemed to be such a big part of my identity, taught me the meaning of what actually was important... feeling good about myself and the way I look, no matter what other people think.

Luckily my husband introduced me to Napoleon Hill's incredible philosophy of Positive Mental Attitude, which taught me how to be positive and grateful, especially through the tough times. And now, because of my family, friends and my PMA, I am cancer free, happy and healthy! So now it’s my chance to give back.

I'm a serious crafter and love being creative in any way possible, whether it be with drawing, clothing, jewellery or furniture. If it’s fun and creative then I’ll try it! Thankfully my lovely husband puts up with my constant messiness around the house and he even encourages it!

I am also an ethical vegan and straight edge, and with my growing empathy for the world and all its lovely creatures, I’m constantly trying to find ways that I can make it a better place for everyone. Combining my need to inspire people with positivity and my love for art, has led me to the wonderfully fulfilling creation of P.M.Art.

Thank you for stopping by!





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